Portfolio - Custom Web Applications

FXK Printing - Sophisticated Quotation System for Print Media

About FXKPrinting

FXK Printing is a consumer point-of-sale (POS) application that consumers encounter directly or indirectly at the point of sale.

Services Provided

Fully automated POS application.

ARBchek - Award Search Engine for SAC archive

About ARBchek

Securities Arbitration Commentator, Inc. ("SAC") compiles, organizes, and maintains arbitration awards from various securities forums on its searchable proprietary database known as ARBchek. ARBchek provides access to SAC's Arbitration Awards Library ("LIBRARY"), a proprietary collection of PDF-formatted, securities/commodities Arbitration Awards, and it supports functionality on the Arbitrator Research Base WebSite ("ARB WebSite"), which includes the ARBchek search system, a docket search window, and an Awards Disclosure Sheet search window (also known as the LITE version). This Terms of Use Agreement applies to all of these functions and systems.

Services Provided

Filemaker database conversion, complex search engine and pdf processing.

Divino - Customer Relations Backend System

About Divino

DIVINO Bezoek je het aantrekkelijk winkelcentrum van Bornem, maar enkel de Boomstraat, dan mis je één van de mooiste winkelzaken. Wie zich ©gratis© parkeert op de parking van het cultureel centrum Ter Dilft en de doorsteek naast de kapel gebruikt om de Boomstraat te bereiken passeert de Kruisberg en ook Divino.

Services Provided

Newsletter Subsription/Contact Form Processor, Backend Application for managing subscribers list, sending e-mail/sms and various kinds of reporting.

Drink Jokey - Drink Recipes Archive and Search Engine

About Drink Jokey

This is it! The one and only web site that you will need to find all of the drink recipes that you want. Be it cocktail recipes, margarita recipes, or martini recipes, this is the one-stop-shop for you. Our comprehensive database of non-alcoholic and alcoholic recipes is designed to make it easy for everyone to find the almost any recipe they want. Whether you are looking for recipes using tequila, vodka or whisky you will find them right here at Drink Jockey. So enjoy your stay, and drop us a line if you have an idea about improving the site. Visit our major categories to get started: Drink Recipes. Bartenders have a large portfolio of drinks, but none of them will have thousands of drink recipes at their fingertips. Drink Jockey is your premier source for all types of drink recipes. If you have a special recipe that you would like to share with everyone, please feel free to submit your blend.

Services Provided

Database design, custom (CMS)with SEF URL, search engine and subscription/rating system


Course Registration & Routine Management System


Daffodil International University stublished on 24th January 2002. The prime initiative of country's leading conglomerate Daffodil Group is Daffodil International University. This is a social commitment to the nation for their further education in higher education. It has a full web site. But for the routine and cource registration they want somthing which is automated and also user friendly. So, here is the Custom Registration and Routine management system for the university.

Services Provided

Complete design, development, testing and implementation of the web enabled software build on PHP/MySQL platform.


About Noyemi

Noyemi is dedicated to being not only a fun pastime filled with famous quotes, but also a literary destination where the classics are available for everyone to enjoy and discuss. We want to provide and open forum for everyone with an interest in the spoken and written word to to gather and share their thoughts, ideas, and interpretations. Whether you drop by to enjoy our collection of famous quotations, or just to browse through the posts in our forum, we want to provide for you an environment that is conducive to friendly discussions and exchange of ideas; it is nice to enjoy the well said quotes by famous people, but it is even better to gather as a community and share thoughts with the not-so-famous.

Services Provided

Complete re-design of existing website with SEO optimized and standards compliant HTML/CSS.