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Some of our most recent works.

Innovateur Capital - International Venture

About Innovateur Capital

Innovateur Capital is an Innovative New-Breed International Venture Fund targetting emerging markets using very targetted boutique series of investment funds that specifically target emerging markets.

Services Provided

Complete website design with SEO optimized, standards compliant HTML/CSS, custom liteweight CMS, custom newsboard and admin panel.

Chittagong Fashion Group - Garment Manufacturers

About Chittagong Fashion Group

Chittagong Fashion Group is one of the renowned ready-made garment manufacturers in Bangladesh since 1984, committed to excellence in the quality of production with best correspondence and services in the field of garment manufacturing and export.

UWS has undertaken the whole process of establishment of World Wide Web presence of the industrial group. At present, the website of Chittagong Fashion Group contains detailed information about their factories, machineries, products, working environment and other facilities.

Services Provided by UWS

Full website design, development and deployment with SEO optimized and standards compliant HTML/CSS.

KadWorx - Design and Drafting Services

About KadWorx

Provider of full range CAD drafting and conversion services including design development, building plans, extensions & additions, working drawings, as-built drawings, mechanical, civil, electrical and plumbing drawings.

Services Provided

Complete design of the website with SEO optimized and standards compliant HTML/CSS. Includes dynamic gallery, content and contact form built on PHP.

Subrisi - Professional Photography & Printing Services

About Subrisi

Subrisi has completely embraced the revolution in digital technology and the internet. Subrisi offers a photography service to nurseries, schools and graduation ceremonies that involves no administration work for the clients.

Services Provided

Complete re-design of existing website with SEO optimized and standards compliant HTML/CSS.