How We Work?

We believe, a designer's primary goal is to make your website make you money. Bring you inquiries. Interest your prospects. And then convert them into cash-paying customers. To us, that is the prettiest thing of all. Our target is to make design professional, clear, easy to navigate and quick to load.

We begin with consultation to determine the functional needs of your site. We then identify the technical resources required to meet those needs, and work out with you an estimate for the best cost-benefit approach.

We work with you to identify the content plan for the site, including decisions about navigation schemes to accommodate the needs of all potential users regardless of prior experience with the site or differing objectives of different visitors.

Finally, we construct the actual pages to your specification, working closely with you to achieve the look and feel you want for your site. We implement the required infrastructure and code to give the site its functionality. This may include databases, CGI scripts, list servers, streaming media, content management and many other possible features.

We do this in a private work area where you can watch and critique the process. Only when you are satisfied do we transfer the work to the 'live' site and open the doors to the public.