The .com Alternative

Itís no secret that domain names are the new real estate, so that could explain why the domain name youíre trying to register isnít available for registration using the .com extension.

Donít worry about that! There is an investment quality extension available that is an outstanding alternative to the .com tld. You donít need to register your domain name in the .com extension in order for your online presence to be a success.

The extension I speak of is the .cc cctld. This extension was originally the country code top level domain for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, but since the islands sold their rights to the .cc extension to boost their economy, the .cc is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Like the .com, the .cc is a universal domain name extension.

The .cc closely resembles the .com in appearance, and is only about $10 more than a .com registration. This is excellent when compared to other cctld registration prices, and aftermarket .com prices. You can register a .cc at for $19.99!

With each passing day, the .cc is getting more and more exposure, and while there are still many great keyword domain names available, it wonít be long until all the best names are registered, so act quickly to secure your domain, or domain names.

As an investor, and developer of the .cc extension, I have begun using the .cc in more and more of my development projects. If youíre worried that the .cc wonít get the same respect from the search engines as the .comÖ donít worry. The extension of a domain name has nothing to do with the success or failure of your website or businessÖ that is all in the advertising and marketing of your business, and that is another article.

Some of my recent .cc development projects include,, and The reason I decided to start developing these keyword rich .cc domains was because they were actually getting a wealth of natural type-in traffic. More proof that people are using, and exploring this amazing extension.

If youíre looking for more information, or a place to discuss the .cc extension, stop by the only online forum dedicated to the .cc extension - at Speculator is a growing community of buyers, sellers, developers, and investors of the .cc extension. also has a marketplace forum where you can list your .cc domain names for sale, or place wanted ads. Youíll also find ongoing threads of available .cc domain names which can help you find great names to register.

By Jennifer Chiera
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