Keyword Success

Choosing the right keywords is a strategy for better search engine positioning. Analyze your business carefully and think of all the words that relate to your company or product. Most techniques to improve your search engine rankings have one thing in common -- Keywords. Choosing appropriate keywords is very important. Keywords are what lead search engine users to your site.

Effective complement to both search engine optimization and targeted direct marketing campaigns, keyword programs are a highly cost-efficient method of capturing measurable response from prospects actively seeking information on your particular category of product or service.

Here is a list of search engine keyword tips that will help you when you describe your products:

Make each page for a particular keyword phrase. If you want to have a good ranking on, you should have a new page for each.

Instead of using words like "it, this, that, item" use the actual search engine keyword throughout your article.

make sure that the key phrase is in the title of your document and that the title matches what the document is about.

Test as many search terms as possible Sometimes, the words or phrases that become top-performers are what you expected all along, often they're not. Measure performance after a couple of weeks and add variations on the terms that are performing best. At their most effective, keyword programs require a constant process of monitoring, testing, and refining.

By Catherine Riya Estrada
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