Getting Professional Web Design Right

All businesses want a great website, but few are willing to pay for an expertly designed site. Personal websites where you just want to show your friends your pictures or share your stories, a basic static website is a great idea, but you will get little traffic, and you will also have to tell your friends the name of the site. The internet is great for sharing pictures files etc and for personal fun sites a professional website is not necessary.

Businesses on the other hand want a site that attracts visitors and brings them back again and again, and hopefully buying their services or products. Only a professional well designed website will bring the visitors in, and even then it may not due to the amount of competition on the web. A website needs to stand out from the crowd and also there is the question of optimisation; does it come up on the first page off Google when doing a relevant search? Unless the site is professionally designed with Google friendly relevant content and the site is listed on many other relevant sites then very few people will find it. So what is the point in wasting money on domain registration, web design and hosting only to find out that the site is not bringing in any extra business. Basically the site is useless and a waste of money and you may have wondered why you bothered!

Getting it right is the trick and there are lots of people offering to do this but are they really interested in helping you and your site do well? Or are they just lining their pocket? It is tricky to know if your website designer has your best interests at heart and whether they have the professionalism build the site well.

This is just a few simple pointers but the best way is to pay a professionally web designer to do all this for you.

If you want your site to bring you business then it is worth paying a little bit more for a professional designed site by knowledgeable people. is run by a competent company who know what they are talking about. A lot of companies seem to think they know what they are doing but all they want is your money and lots of it.

Carolyn is the webmaster of Blue Stream Design your professional web design partner. This article is free to republish provided this resource box remains intact.

By Carolyn Clayton
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