Does Your Web Site Grow Your Business?

Any business, regardless of the size or complexity of its web site, can leverage their industry knowledge and marketing skill to engage consumer interest and increase sales. How? By using a simple Content Management System (CMS). Content is the core of every web site. Itís how you tell your visitors who you are, what you offer, and why they should do business with you. How you design and manage the words and images that comprise your content is key to your success as an online enterprise.

Acquiring new leads, selling products, developing loyalty, educating consumers, and building your brand -- is that what your web site does? An effective web site should contribute to the growth of your business. All too often web sites are not built to capitalize on the potential of the Internet as a powerful business development tool. Your customers and prospects are using the Internet everyday to get information, do research, and to make decisions about who to do business with. A CMS will help you keep your information current, allow you to easily stay in touch with customers and let you show off your expertise.

What Is A Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system automates the publishing of content on your web site. It makes creating, updating and archiving content easy and direct. A good CMS, such as the widely acclaimed Joomla (a free, mature and open source product), requires no special technology expertise to use. You simply login to your site through your favorite web browser, and update your pages.

By separating design from content, your design and layout navigation is programmed into your CMS by a qualified Web design firm. Can you use Microsoft Word? Your new CMS will be even easier. You add, edit, and save content, and your CMS automates the rest. You can control your entire site yourself, or let your marketing, human resources, or sales managers own their unique site sections. Even complex ecommerce sites become simple to update.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Keeping your site content current and accurate is good customer service. Your price changes, sales, and special event information should always be up-to-date. Publishing articles on your site to demonstrate your expertise will impress and educate customers and prospects. CMS lets you send informational emails and eNewsletters to customers who request them, manage events calendars, and even gives you Blogging and Discussion Group tools.

Your business gains complete control over information quality, improves consistency, and reduces site maintenance costs. The greatest benefits, of course, are how a CMS can help improve sales, increase user satisfaction, and develop lasting lines of communication with the public.

The Bottom Line

A scalable and feature-rich CMS is not expensive. Whether you need a simple site or complex eCommerce solution, a CMS like Joomla can handle the essential functions and interactivity almost any business requires, and much more. There are thousands of add-ons available that expand your web siteís capabilities and features, usually for little or no cost.

Take a good look at your current web site. If itís not earning its keep as a strategic business development and sales tool, it's time to convert to a CMS.

By Deborah Kaufman
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