Building Effective Website Links

One of the most important factors in getting your web site highly ranked in the search engine indexes is building links. Links is one of the most important ways that Google and the other search engines determine the importance and ranking of your site. If you are trying to build a popular or profitable site, you need to have both quality and a quantity of links for Google to notice you. Here are some great tips.

Links are just hypertext of a web site's address that is posted on other sites. The way Google determines how important your site is and how it will rank in the search engine rankings is to see how many other people link to your web site and the importance of these web sites that link to you. For instance, If fifty web sites all have your link on their web site, Google will take notice. And if all fifty of these web sites are important and have many links of their own, your web site will be viewed as important and ranked high.

Unfortunately Google’s ranking formula is secret, so you can never tell for sure how many links are needed and which web sites are important to Google to place you at the top of the search index. However Google does have a toolbar tool which displays a page rank. Page rank is a measure of how Google rates the importance of web sites. You can use this tool to seek out web sites with high importance and ask them to post a link of your web site on their site. Most web sites will be happy to exchange links as well as sell you a link on their site for a fee. Fees vary but can cost from $10 per month to over $100 for a high page rank site. If you are looking for a great way to build a popular and profitable web site, look at the above suggestions.

By Dan Hartnett
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