Benefits of Having a Web Site

Many have heard countless news of the downfall of Internet era that caused millions of loss to big companies. However, there are lots of advantages when it comes of having own web site. Think of having a business. Having a website will give a business the ability to reach thousands of potential customers through out the world, with a fraction of cost. These are but a few key benefits of owning a website:

Improve business image with online presence.

Many people today believe that businesses with websites provide superior products or services to those that don't. Think of a website as an online brochure where person can show examples or products and services. Websites provide companies with large customer bases the ability to communicate more effectively. Properly planned, designed and implemented a website should pay for itself and providing a return on investment.

Cost-saving to your business expenditure.

Buying advertising space, whether it's a newspaper ad, billboard, or radio spot, can be very expensive. Adding to the burden are the hours spent trying to figure out the perfect set of words to say everything needed within the constraints of an ad. By advertising business through a website, potential customers have the opportunity to learn more about products and services. A person can instantly publish that same information: new product announcements, employment opportunities, contact information, job openings, surveys, coupons, and investor’s information, almost anything, without material or delivery costs. The customers are able to learn about it instantly just by visiting the related web site.

Unless a company has a very large advertising budget, there's a limit to how much a person can say in the print ads. By including a website address in these ads, potential customers can easily look into the business up on the net. Think of a business card as a print ad.

Unlimited geographic market.

With a web site, a person can easily attract new customers not only locally, but nationally and internationally. By implementing online presence, the person can reach to a market that may have been difficult or expensive to reach through traditional advertising. A website provides these opportunities by allowing him/her to publish who and what is the business all about in a powerful and attractive manner.

24/7/365 Business Hours.

There is no other medium for being available 24/7/365 that even compares to a website. With the modest cost of developing a website and making it available on the Internet, there is nothing even close to being as cost effective. In addition, printed materials are easily misplaced. Television and radio commercials air at preset times. A website can be visited at a time that is convenient for the visitor, and they will have more interest because they want to be there on that particular website.

By Wan Assad Aziz
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